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The Element Benders Fire

Ella Smith has been on the run for the last ten years along with her ten year old daughter, Phoenix. She has lived in fear for her child's safety from the man that helped bring her daughter into this world. After a run-in with her ex he pushes her daughter too far, causing an explosion of the paranormal kind, making Ella wonder if they will survive this latest go-round with her ex.

Blaze Masterson, a local fireman, is on a call to a house fire where he meets a young girl and her mother. Feeling protective of the duo, he finds out that they are in need of his help. Will he be able to help them and keep himself from being dragged into his own past?

Together Ella and Blaze must find a way to protect Phoenix from her own father, all while trying to stay alive.

Paranormal Romance

Wow Tracy! This book was, by far, my favorite one so far! The story grabbed my interest right away and I couldn’t put it down! I look forward to the next in the series and I hope Ella, Blaze and Nix are part of it!