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Tracy Anne Kincaid was born in Covina, California in 1975 to Randy and DiAnne Sundberg. She and her younger brother, Jason, were raised by both parents. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and two younger children. Their oldest daughter and three grandkids are still living in California.


Tracy started writing in 2012 after having strange dreams about the Titanic. Since it was the anniversary of the sinking she was watching everything that was on tv about the ship. Her debut book Changing Lives, released in 2016 and was #16 on the Amazon Best Seller list on the first day. She has always felt out of place and has wondered if she has lived multiple lives herself.


As a child Tracy loved telling stories to her parents and friends. Her favorite books to read were mainly ghost stories.


Tracy currently works at a non-profit women’s resale shop in Pittsburgh, PA as the store manager. You can learn more about the shop in her book Dugout Fantasy, a book she wrote as a fundraiser for the non-profit.


Web address:


Twitter: @tkincaidauthor

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